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Ecdysterone 60 Caps


• Increase in protein synthesis
• Increase in strength
• Increased muscle recovery
• Improve insulin sensitivity

Ecdysterone is a natural phytoecdysteroid said to have performance-enhancing properties.

This is because Ecdysterone has shown very promising effects in rat studies, showing it to be more potent than compounds such as Dianabol and SARMs like Ostarine and RAD-140.

Researchers found out that it could be effective for humans on dosages as low as 12mg per day and don’t have any side effects.

This is also how it reached the bodybuilding community, as many users search for a product that can offer maximal benefits with as few side effects as possible.

We also see many positive user experiences with people that have used it the right way. We’ve also used it, so make sure to keep reading.

What Are The Ecdysterone Benefits And Effects?

Let’s jump straight into the most exciting part of this article: the effects.

You’re probably here because you would like to know what Ecdysterone does and how it can help you build muscle & strength.

Well, we can tell you right off the bat: Ecdysterone works, and it works very well. The most known effects of this plant extract are:


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