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Golden Stack ( LGD4033-MK677-RAD140) (60 caps)




Users may find

  • improvements in body composition
  • improved memory and performance
  • improved lean muscle tissue
  • positive effects in endurance


Users may find

  • increased appetite
  • increased muscle gains,
  • improved recovery time
  • improvements to mood


LGD 4033

Users may find

  • improved muscle growth
  • improved power, strength, and endurance
  • improved recovery time
  • improved endurance
  • improved body composition

Golden Stack is our most popular stack for a reason. It consists of the most popular compounds MK677, RAD140 and LGD4033 and is great for those wanting to increased size, improve power and overall performance

Golden Stack consists of:

  • 10mg MK677
  • 10mg RAD140
  • 4.5mg LGD4033.


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