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S23 is a selective androgen receptor modulator produced by the well known pharmaceutical company GTX and is still investigated to date. Researchers found out that this SARM had the ability to increase lean muscle mass and burn fat.
As you might already know, there are many other SARMs just like S23, for example, RAD 140 (Testolone), MK2866 (Ostarine), and LGD 4033 (Ligandrol). They all work the same but not all of them have the same effects.
S23 works by binding itself with the androgen receptors and is marked as non-steroidal. It’s currently on the ban list of WADA, and you are not allowed to use if it in most sports.
Many users of S23 noticed that it has fewer side-effects and was well tolerated for a long period of time.


  • Impressive lean mass builder
  • Notable increases in strength
  • Improved body composition/fat loss (indirect fat loss via increased muscle mass accrual and thermogenesis)
  • Mitigates catabolism in a calorie deficit
  • Enhanced levels of muscle hardness, dryness, and vascularity similar to DHT derivatives
  • Zero water retention

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