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Turkesterone 60 Caps


  • All Natural
  • Release of Energy
  • Lean Mass
  • Strength Gains

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When it comes to ALL NATURAL sports supplements Turkesterone is the STRONGEST there is! In a day and age where Athletes, Fitness Enthusiasts, and HARDCORE gym-rats are aiming to steer clear of “Banned Substances”, Turkesterone is proving to be that ALL NATURAL EDGE that delivers RESULTS!!!


Turkesterone is an all natural extract from the Rhaponticum Carthamoid (Maral Root) plant. A member of the Ecdysterone kindgom (20-Hydroxyecdysone), Turkesterone is 2000% MORE POWERFUL than Beta-Ecdysterone!!!
For DECADES Chinese, and Russian Olympians have known the secret of Turkesterone, and intentionally kept it a secret from Western Countries. Turkesterone allowed athletes to achieve “Greek statue like” builds while improving athleticism TREMENDOUSLY. One huge reason Olympiads were able to achieve both great stature & athleticism was due to the UNIQUE adaptogenic qualities of Turkesterone. After intense training when testosterone levels drop, and the body is extremely vulnerable to muscle breakdown, Turkesterone acts as a SUBSTITUTEuntil testosterone levels have returned to pre-workout levels! This COMPLETELYcuts out any post workout catabolism! THERE IS NO MUSCLE BREAKDOWN!!!

It gets EVEN BETTER! The post workout catabolic reaction (muscle breakdown; and enrgy) is a huge reason why muscle gains cannot be sustained. Turkesterone not only acts as a sub for testosterone, but improves protein assimilation so when you have that post workout protein? More of it will be PUT TO WORK than EVER BEFORE! Resulting in STRENGTH and LEAN MASS gains!

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